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Enrollment Procedures
Please contact your student's prior school and have them fax us the following or bring this information in:
1. Proof of Birth (Accepted documents: Birth Certificate, Hospital Certificate, Baptism Certificate, Passport, County Recorder Affidavit, Parent Affidavit) Contact the school if you have something different.
2. Immunization (Shot) Record
3. Proof of check out from prior school with checkout grades
4. Transcript (current)
5. IEP (if student is currently in Special Education)
6. Guardian Form (if not with biological parents)
Phone: (530) 529-8724                      Attn: Counseling Secretary       Fax: (530) 529-8916
All new students must:
  • Fill out the registration paperwork and provide all necessary information from previous school.
  • Receive clearance by administrator.
After administrative clearance, the student and parent will then be scheduled for an appointment. At this time you will:
1. Meet with your student's counselor for his/her counselor appointment.

2. Your student's counselor will compile a class schedule. Parents are free to leave after completion of the schedule.

3. Your student will then be given a "Tour" of the school campus by a fellow student. During this tour, the classrooms, cafeteria, library, offices, health clerk, attendance, student body (student body card), school buses, restrooms, etc. will be pointed out. At the end of this tour, your student will be escorted to the appropriate classroom to begin school.