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Work Experience Education Class

Work Experience Education (WEE) is a class for Juniors and Seniors who are actively employed and would like to earn school credits for their work hours.  An added bonus is that WEE students are legally allowed to work more hours each week than other students (up to 40 hours per week).  Students are scheduled for one period of WEE, but are only required to attend this class once every other week - WEE class meets every other Wednesday from 1:30-3:15 pm.  Class attendance is crucial to the student's grade since the class only meets 9 times each semester.
While in this class, students will learn important information they will need for current and future employment success:
HR Issues - Child labor laws, employer/employee responsibilities, CA sick leave law, workers' compensation, heat illness awareness, sexual harassment prevention, cultural diversity, punctuality and attendance, making excuses.
Employment Attitudes - What affects your attitude, respect, employer expectations, positive ways to talk with your supervisor, making positive changes, team work
Communication Skills - Communication styles, listening skills, following written directions, body language, choosing the right words
Careers - Career assessments, identifying personal needs/values/interests/skills, career research, addressing employment barriers
Work Ethics - Work values/ethics, building a positive image, the importance of honesty
Personal Finance, Banking & Budgeting - Understanding your pay check, taxes - how much and why, ways to file your taxes, personal banking/checking/savings, following a budget
Job Search Tools - Applications, resumes, cover letters
Interviewing Skills - Appearance, body language, interview questions, thank you letters
Labor Market Information - Matching values/interests/skills to occupations, job search methods, follow-up, informational interviews
Employment Readiness - How to quit with grace, correcting mistakes
Customer Service - Internal/external customers, how would you handle..., enthusiasm, initiative