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Spartan Radio 93.1 FM


93.1 FM KRBH LP, Spartan Radio is operated by students during school hours and is automated during non-school hours.  We broadcast 24/7/365, within a 5 mile radius.  Our signal is strongest within the city limits. KRBH is licensed by the FCC and abides by all rules and regulations slated for public “non commercial” radio stations.  Student DJ’s must follow FCC regulations and station policy for all broadcast activities.  Daily logs are kept and strict protocols are enforced to provide the listener with a quality and professional sounding radio experience.

We Need You

KRBH is currently looking for underwriting sponsors for its school day broadcasts. When you become an underwriting sponsor your underwriting message is played two times during the show (class period) it sponsors. The Underwriting message is played at the beginning and end of the assigned class period. Your message is also randomly mixed in during our automated hours.


The KRBH team will create the underwriting spot to your specifications within the FCC guidelines for underwriting on non-commercial radio stations. All sponsors will be given the opportunity to preview and approve their underwriting spot prior to it being aired.

 Our goal is to have 16 Underwriters, two per period plus two for our before school Morning Drive Show.


When your Underwriting statement is heard on Spartan Radio it provides your business with positive publicity in the minds of local consumers and emphasizes your support of Red Bluff High School and 93.1 Spartan Radio. Thanks for considering being an Underwriter on Spartan Radio.


E-mail Brad Wagner @ or call 529-8788 to learn more about Underwriting on Spartan Radio.


Spartan Radio is in its 16th year of broadcasting in Red Bluff.  Enjoy the Flashback.....
Because of the extra costs associated with streaming we only broadcast at 93.1 on the FM dial.
If you have questions or comments about Spartan Radio please contact Mr. Wagner at the E-mail address below.
If you are KRBH alumni and want your picture in the collage.  Just E-mail me.  I am pretty sure I have pic of just about everyone.

If you or your business want to become an Underwriter on Spartan Radio, see our Underwriting Flyer! 
Listen to Some All Time Classic Spartan Radio Production Files in MP3.
If you ever wondered what it is like to be a DJ on Spartan Radio, Check This Out!