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Portrait of a smiling woman Mitzi LoPiccolo, CTE Director,  (530) 529-8905 email
rbarajas Rochelle Barajas, CTE Coordinator,  (530) 529-8828 email 
Profile Picture  Janet Blackketter, CTE Technician, Work Experience Teacher, (530) 529-8728 email

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Community Classroom
Students who have successfully completed year one of a two year CTE pathway may be offered the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have learned in a real world setting through Community Classroom.  This progam allows students to go to a local bussiness for up to 4 days per week in place of their on campus class time.  Community Classroom is an unpaid experience where students get to demonstrate their skills/knowledge while learning new skills and developing positive employability skills.  Community Classroom is generally offered in the following CTE Pathways:  Childcare Occupations, Healthcare Occupations, Therapeutic Services, Vet Tech, Advanced Floral Design, EMT and Firefighting II. 
Community Service
RBHS recommends that all students participate in Community Service activities prior to graduation.  The purpose of Community Service is to involve students in learning activities outside of the classroom, to prepare students for success after high school, and to strengthen students’ ties to the community through volunteerism.  Community Service activities should provide a needed service to a group or individuals who are in need.  Students may not be paid for their hours of service.
A Community Service time sheet to document hours can be acquired from the CTE Office or online on this website. If you are unsure your planned activity is approved, please check with the CTE Office. Upon completion of a two year CTE pathway and 20 hours of community service, students will receive a CTE industry charm at graduation.
Community Service Time Sheet                     CTE Charm List

Dual Enrollment
Dual Enrollment is a partnership with Shasta College designed to help students obtain a head start on college, advanced vocational preparation, and personal enrichment opportunities. It differs slightly from Concurrent Enrollment in that high school students participating in the Dual Enrollment program will be earning both college and high school credits while taking pre-approved classes on the high school campus. See the "Shasta College Dual Enrollment Information " tab for a list of RBHS Dual Enrollment Classes.

Work Experience Program (WEE)
The Work Experience Program is designed for students who are employed. A supervising teacher works with students and their employers to help students earn credits and be successful in the workplace.
To qualify, a student must be at least 16 years old, a junior or senior, maintain a 2.0 GPA, have good attendance, demonstrate appropriate behavior, and be employed at a work site where at least minimum wage is paid and worker’s compensation is carried by the employer.
The Work Experience Class is completed through Google Classroom assignments.  Students are required to document a minimum of 80 hours of work per semester to earn 5 credits each semester.  Please talk to your high school counselor to see if you qualify for the Work Experience Program.
Work Permits
A student under 18 years of age who wishes to work must obtain a work permit. Students interested in obtaining a work permit should already have an employer identified and a very real expectation for PAID employment.  The employer is required to provide worker’s compensation for the student/employee.  Applications can be obtained from CTE office. In compliance with Education Code Section 49110, a school authority will sign off on the Application for Work Permit to verify the student’s satisfactory school performance (a 2.0 GPA, attendance, and behavior) prior to the student’s first day of work. The actual Work Permit Contract has clearly defined eligibility requirements.  A new work permit must be obtained at the beginning of each new school year (within the first week).  A new Work Permit is required every time a student changes jobs during the school year. Work permits can be revoked by the school administration for poor student attendance, behavior, or grades.  For more information and/or to obtain a work permit application click HERE.