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Red Bluff High School

Red Bluff High School

RBHS A-G Classes

A-G courses are a series of college prep high school classes in which students are required to successfully complete to be eligible for admission to a California 4 year university. The University of California (UC) and Cal State University (CSU) systems require high school students to complete 15 year-long high school courses with a letter grade of C or better. 
The goal of A-G curriculum is to ensure students have attained core subject knowledge that will fully prepare them for college. While the A-G courses are only required by UC and CSU, many other colleges and universities require similar classes for admission.
At RBHS, we have created a curriculum filled with choices in each A-G category:
A-G Approved Course List

A-G Approved Course List

A-History/Social Science (2 Years required)

World Civilizations (P)
World History (DE)
US History (P)
US History 17 AB (DE)
American Govt. (P)
American Govt. (H)

B–English (4 years required)

English 9 (P)
Adv. English 9 (P)
English 10 (P)
Adv. English 10 (P)
English 11 (P)
AP English Language (H)
AP English Literature (H)
English 12 (P)
English 1A (DE)
Bridging ELD

C–Mathematics (3 years required, 4 years recommended)

Algebra I (P)
Geometry (P)
Algebra II (P)
Probability (semester) 
Math Analysis (DE)
Math 14 (DE)
AP CSA (or DE)
AP Calculus (DE)

D–Lab Science (2 years required, 3 years recommended)

Ag Biology (P)
Ag Soils/Chemistry (P)
Ag Systems Management (P)
Environmental Science (P)
Physical Earth (P)
Honors Chemistry (H)
Biological Sciences (P)
Anatomy/Physiology (P)
Physics/AP Physics (H)
AP Biology (H)

E–Language Other Than English (2 years required, 3 years recommended)

All Spanish classes (P)
AP Spanish (H) (via Adv.)

F–Visual & Performing Arts (1 year required)

Graphic Production (P)
Adv. Graphic Production (P)
Art I (P)
Art II (P)
Art III (P)
Theatre Arts I (P)
Theatre Arts II (P)
All Band classes 
All Dance classes 
All Choir classes 
Floral Design (P)
Advanced Floral Design (P)
Ag Mechanics III (P)
Ag Mechanics IV (P)
Yearbook Design (P)

G–College Prep Elective (1 year required)

Economics (P) (semester)
AP Macroeconomics (semester/H)
Comp Science Principles (CSP/DE)
Exploring Comp. Science (ECS/DE)
Psychology (P)
Comp. Aided Drafting (CAD) (P)
Advanced Robotics (P)
Animal Science (P)
Leadership 9/10 (P)
Student Government (P)
Child Development (P)
Childcare Occupations (P)
Patient Care TS (P)
Patient Care HO (P)
Therapeutic Services (P)
Intro to Med Careers (P)
Healthcare Occ (P)
Beginning Journalism (P)
Advanced Journalism (P)
Ag Mechanics I (P)
Ag Mechanics II (P)
Ag Vet Tech (P)
Equine Science (P)
Ag Leadership (P)
Emergency Medical Tech (P)
Firefighting I (P)
Firefighting II (P)
Forensics (P)
Intro to Business (P)
Personal Finance (P)
Intro to Teaching (P)