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Independent Study

Independent Study (IS) is a voluntary program available to all high school students.  The program is student-centered as our teachers create a custom course of study based on the needs of each of our students.  Most of the curriculum is delivered through an online format, and students are required to report to their teacher weekly to check for progress and review upcoming lessons.  In addition, students have daily access to a computer lab/study hall as well as tutoring.
IS students are able to take classes on the RBHS main campus as well as participate in all main campus activities, including athletics.  In addition, IS students are eligible to participate in the RBHS graduation ceremony.
In order to enroll at IS, current RBHS students must contact their RBHS counselor to begin the process.  New students to our district begin the enrollment process by contacting our Counseling Center at 529-8724.
Please call us at 529-8757 with any questions about the program.