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Red Bluff High School has a three year math requirement and offers courses ranging from Integrated Math Readiness through Shasta College AP Calculus.  It is strongly recommended that students going into a 4-year university take math all four years at Red Bluff High School.

2019-2020_RBHS_MATH_Instructors Card Icon2019-2020 RBHS MATH Instructors

Integrated Readiness:  Caravez, Southwick, Williams
Integrated Math 1 Team:  Button, Caravez, Richardson, Schwabauer, Sinclair, Tomasetti, Williams
Integrated Math 2 Team:  Button, Penner, Richardson, Wheeler, Williams
Algebra 2 Team:  Penner, Sinclair, Tomasetti, Wheeler
Dual Enrolled Math Analysis:  Penner
Dual Enrolled AP Calculus:  Penner
Statistics, Probability:  Schwabauer
Shasta College, Math 14 (Statistics): Fox
Math Intervention:  Tomasetti, Williams
Dual-Enrollment:  Our math department offers dual-enrollment credits with Shasta College for Statistics, Math Analysis and AP Calculus on our campus within the normal school day.  Students must meet the prerequisite coursework or have a teacher recommendation.  For more information, please contact Mr. Penner or Mr. Fox